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Thursday, December 9, 2021

I'm still here

It's been a crazy week—in addition to the end of the semester crunch, with a research study to complete, three papers to write, and a technology project that remains annoyingly almost, but not quite finished, I drove down to Maryland on Tuesday to celebrate the 90th birthday of my friend Jayne's father, and to help her move into an apartment here for a month's stay while her brother is out of the country.

I was going to drive back to New York yesterday, but the forecast said snow, and I had a presentation to write for last night's class, so I stayed and did it all from here.

I'm heading home today; I can't promise much more in the way of blogging until winter break. In the meantime, here's the street where I was staying in Silver Spring. It's part of the Washington metro area, and there are some beautiful old houses on tree-lined streets not far from here, but unfortunately there was no time for taking walks or pictures.

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