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Saturday, July 31, 2021

Life in the time of coronavirus

Also from the New Yorker article. This is comedian Ian Lara: 

What I don’t get is people saying New Yorkers are rude and arrogant. When the pandemic hit, we stood in our little one-bedroom apartments and didn’t go out. We did it for society. It’s funny, I had some road work during the pandemic, and, when I travelled in the cities that have these huge homes with land and pools, they’re, like, “We can’t stay indoors!” New Yorkers sat in one-bedroom apartments for a year and just said, “O.K.” We got hit the hardest, and I kept hearing, “New York is dead.” I was just, like, “Of course New York will bounce back.” This is not like some . . . pop-up city that’s just becoming trendy.

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