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Friday, March 19, 2021

Urban poetry

Goodbye to all that, for another year, anyway. I've seen plenty of snow in April, but it's rare and never lasts long.
And this spring, this year, I can't imagine that anyone will care if we have back to back blizzards. Every conversation, in a Zoom room at the beginning of a class or with a neighbor in the hallway or a stranger at the pharmacy, centers around vaccines. Did you get a shot? Which one? What were the side effects? Everyone is so excited about getting vaccinated; we're all dying to share our stories. And those who aren't eligible yet -- me, ten days ago, for example -- are good sports about it, while jumping up and down inside like kids on Christmas Eve impatient for their turns.

We all know this doesn't mean things will go back to normal. But it's a step -- a big step -- back from the ledge.

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