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Saturday, March 6, 2021

Saturday reflections


It's a small reflection -- a tree, a bit of blue sky, brick and windows  -- but I do love the way this headlight frames it so perfectly.

It seems appropriate in a year when all our lives shrank, when my world collapsed to four walls and what I could glimpse through a window. This week marked a year since I went out for a meal with friends -- lunch with Joseph, breakfast with Jayne to plan the Bay Area trip we had planned.

We still thought it wouldn't be that bad. A week later, we were in lockdown.

And my big accomplishment this week was realizing I can have a Zoom meeting all by myself. I did two practice run-throughs of a lesson I had to present and recorded them. It was very helpful, but it doesn't improve my sometimes shaky hold on reality to spend time obsessing over the pixelated Kathleen that is all most people see of me anymore.

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