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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sunday bird blogging

This has been the unofficial first weekend of spring -- sunny, balmy. The trees are still bare, probably still a little demoralized after our awful winter, but the rest of us are more than ready.

I always love watching the birds switching to their courtship clothes. The goldfinches are the most obvious, as they turn from a dull gold to bright yellow, but almost every species gets brighter, with sharper markings.

Compare this white-throated sparrow I saw yesterday with one from just a couple of weeks ago. He is ready to party!

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Elisa said...

Oh my, what little bursts of sunshine these fluffies are. Love .
I'm so behind on my Travels reading and viewing, but look forward to treating myself to more visions and words soon. Thanks for adding beauty and knowledge to our world.

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