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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Neighborhood watch

Bonus bird blogging.

Today was a perfect day to be in the park -- balmy and  breezy spring, leaves just starting to come out, and winter birds and new arrivals singing their whole-hearted approval of the situation. I had jury duty Thursday and Friday and had to work most of yesterday to catch up on things, so I needed the sanity break in the park more than I needed to tackle the backlog of chores.

Just inside the Ramble, there was a rumble. Two birds were flying at each other, tumbling through the air together, screeching and squawking. One was this red-bellied woodpecker, which broke away and climbed into this hole. The other was a starling, which was obviously trying to sublet this cozy little studio apartment in the trees.

There was a gang of three more starlings on a nearby branch, but after a few more angry exchanges the starlings left. The woodpecker continued to keep watch; it was a lot of work digging that hole and he's not about to give it up without a fight.

The pictures below aren't very clear. This female robin is building a nest; she was way back in the trees and I didn't want to try to get closer. Birds nesting: must be spring.

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Elisa said...

Thanks for these treasures!

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