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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Back on the mainland

We flew back to Guayaquil from the airport on Baltra this morning, some of the group going on to Macchu Picchu, some to Quito, some heading home. I'm leaving for a few days in Panama tomorrow before heading back to New York, back to work, back to reality.

There was an optional bus tour of Guayaquil this afternoon but I skipped it. I'd rather hold on to the Galapagos mentality a little longer before heading to the rain forest, and honestly, I'm tired. I sat by the pool and read for a few hours, went through some of my thousands (really!) of pictures, and had a pizza from room service. Not all the blessings of civilization are necessarily negative.

While we waited for our flight this morning, I saw the passengers coming off the flight from Guayaquil with their sunhats and backpacks, most of them headed for the Endeavour, and I was a little envious. If they were anything like me, they had no idea how magical a journey they were about to take. It's so rare that something so long-anticipated lives up to expectations, but this trip exceeded them in every possible way.

The trick will be hanging on to that sense of serenity once I'm back home. There were finches in the airport gobbling up all the dropped or unattended tortilla chips, and maybe in a few million years they'll be their own species: Geospiza doritus. We all have our niche; some of us just get to choose it consciously.

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