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Saturday, July 6, 2013

"If you're here for world domination, have fun"

That was the recurring announcement over the loudspeaker at the Oregon Zoo last night, warning the regular guests that the zoo was closing and they needed to head for the exits, while assuring those of us there for the kickoff party of the World Domination Summit that the fun was just beginning.

I spent more time looking at the animals than doing anything resembling "partying," but it was a fun outing. And today was the first day of the actual conference, so I ought to be able to have a better answer to "What is the World Domination Summit?" than I've managed to come up with so far.

But I don't. I told a woman that I was talking with that I wanted to "make the rest of my life meaningful" and maybe that's as close as I'll get to an elevator answer. The presentations today covered the art of presenting, making ideas reality, learning to love rejection, creativity, communication, clean water, climate change, blogging, and donuts. Among other topics.

I need to take some time to mull over it all. In the meantime, here are some cute animals from the zoo (click to enlarge.)

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