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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Language report

Twice in two days I have walked past someone on the street who was talking into a phone and overheard them saying "OMG." If you're used to texting all the time, I guess it becomes a natural abbreviation, but saying "OMG" out loud isn't actually much faster than saying "Oh my God."

Maybe talking, texting, emailing, all the things we do with phones now, just start to blur together until the same language seems appropriate for all of them. And after a while, OMG could leak into face to face conversation, maybe becomes a new expression, with a different shade of meaning, and no one will remember that it was once a shortcut for something else, like snafu or scuba. Although technically it's an initialism rather than an acronym, but it could morph into something pronounceable, like om-gee.

Or maybe this was a fluke and it will just go away quietly.

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