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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Feeding time

Seriously? You expect me to eat that?

A young robin looks at a proffered mealworm with mouth firmly closed. A blueberry (right) met with more success.

We got to feed young starlings, bluejays, and robins, and one fledgling pigeon. The pigeon was easy -- you just had to grab a piece of Puppy Chow and shove it in his mouth -- but the songbirds were much less cooperative, even though they were hungry. It took me ten tries to get a starling to eat a mealworm; basically you have to wait until the birds open their mouths and then shove your fingers, with the food, all the way in. Otherwise the poor worm falls to the towel and lies there writhing, while the bird hops away looking for a more experienced pair of hands.

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