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Sunday, June 23, 2013


I lost my keys on my way home from San Francisco -- long story, boring story, containing more tears than any adult who has not sustained a permanent injury should shed -- so yesterday I met my friend Jayne for a late brunch so I could collect the extra set she keeps for me.

I was very late. The crosstown traffic was at a crawl. There seemed to be an unusual amount of street repair for a Saturday, but it wasn't until I gave up and started walking that I found out the real issue: a movie crew had shut down Madison Avenue from 23rd Street to 34th, and they wouldn't let anyone cross, even on foot.

I wasn't very nice to the snotty girl with the walkie-talkie who acted as though I ought to be grateful to walk ten blocks out of my way so they could film their car chase, but at least the leisurely cab ride gave me an opportunity to take pictures of people without them knowing about it and getting pissed off.

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