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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Saturday reflections

This year has sped by so relentlessly that at some level I kept thinking it was still summer. I was finally convinced that summer was really, actually gone, and not just gone but long gone, no longer even visible in the rear view mirror, not by the fact that I haven't used the air conditioning in weeks or that I wear a coat every day and there are new episodes of Homeland and The Big Bang Theory on TV -- no, what made me finally believe that summer is gone and winter is bearing down fast was getting a flu shot yesterday. For some reason that got my attention.

I don't even like New York summer that much -- no fan of humidity -- and October is usually the most beautiful month here, so I plan to get outside and enjoy it while I can. But you can't beat summer for the thick greens that flourish in the park then, so here's a belated farewell with reflections in the Azalea Pond from last July.

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