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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Déjà vu all over again

Rain from Hurricane Sandy isn't expected until later tonight, but it's been a gray, gloomy weekend of anticipation here on the Eastern Seaboard, with long lines at the supermarket and hardware store giving me flashbacks to Irene last summer. There doesn't seem to be much chance that this one is going to miss us, but at least we're only expecting rain, not the snow that's going to be dumped farther inland. And last year it didn't snow until -- well, Halloween.

There's no such thing as global warming...there's no such thing as global warming...there's no such thing...

I wanted to try some macro photography this weekend but the gloom has kept me mostly indoors, so I practiced with bright colors from my sewing basket. Even with all the light I could muster, I didn't have the right conditions to get any depth of field, but the contrast between the sharp detail and the blurred backgrounds makes fun abstracts.

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