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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hawks just want to have fun

Bonus bird blogging.

I had to drag myself to the park yesterday morning, and I got there late and every bird I saw was spooked away by joggers or dog walkers before I could get close enough to get a good look.

And then, this: a red-tailed hawk hanging out on a rock in the Azalea Pond, and periodically jumping in the water to splash around.

Hawks are a common sight in the park, but I usually see them flying overhead or sitting on a tree branch scouting their next meal. Seeing one at the water's edge was so unexpected that I spent several minutes looking for songbirds in the nearby trees before noticing the very large raptor practically at my feet. More walkers and birders and photographers wandered by until there were eight or nine of us, grinning and mouthing Wow at each other.

The hawk posed for about fifteen minutes, then moved to a nearby tree, water still dripping from its beak. I love that big red tail.

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