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Wednesday, June 21, 2023


 I've been going through pictures and trying to figure out how to talk about this trip. I slept well last night, and definitely feel more like myself today, but when I looked at all the unprocessed photos and thought about what to say about them, I just got tired.

So I'm just going to pick pictures randomly and talk about them—a Peruvian patchwork.

Not unlike this textile from the Museo Larco in Lima. I loved reading about the Incas when I was a kid, but I never realized how short-lived the Empire was, really only a hundred years from Pachicuti to Pizarro. And before this trip I knew very little about the pre-Incan cultures. This textile represents a fusion of two of those cultures, the Nasca and the Huari, and dates from around 800 AD. The Inca ruins are incredible, but they're only a small part of the history and culture of Peru.

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