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Friday, September 10, 2021

Beautiful downtown Newburgh

A look at Liberty Street in Newburgh from the grounds of the historical site, and the back seating at Ms. Fairfax's, where we had lunch at the picnic tables.

It is so odd that after a year and a half of longing to be anywhere else that in many ways this weekend away didn't feel like a big deal. I'm grateful that it didn't, that it felt as though getting in the car (a car that I have owned for all of a month now, though that's probably worth its own posting) and heading out of town is something I do, and have done, regularly.

There were many small pleasures--fog-draped trees, nectarines from a farm stand, breakfast in restaurants, driving down country roads--and honestly I don't think I could handle anything more exciting than that. Not yet.

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