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Sunday, May 2, 2021

Sunday bird blogging

Apologies for the quality of this picture, but this evening grosbeak was the highlight of my park visit yeaterday, and has to be shared.

The camaraderie of the birders is one of the things I had missed about going to the park (despite the crazy crowd in the previous picture). And the fact that I saw this magnificent bird at all is thanks to that. I was walking out of the Ramble when a man coming out of a side path asked if I'd seen the grosbeaks. I said no, and he directed me down the path, where I met another woman, who pointed out the pair of evenings high up in one of the trees. So I saw them (my first!) and got a few somewhat blurry pictures, and the certainty that panicking in the Uber and feeling phobic about the crowds had all been very much worth it.

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