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Friday, March 27, 2020

Urban poetry

No one is going anywhere, so of course all the taxis are out of commission for the duration. Last week, I saw a few cabs trolling the empty avenues and I wanted to hail one and go somewhere, anywhere, just so the driver would have a fare and I could pretend things were normal.

Except of course that I wouldn't actually sit in the back of a taxi right now unless I absolutely had to, and even then, only if I could wipe it down thoroughly before getting in. So really what I wanted to do was just hail random cabs and hand them 20 dollar bills without making them take me anywhere.

This morning I could see a startlingly lovely patch of blue sky dotted with cloud from my bedroom, and a long-tailed bird that might have been a mockingbird lighted briefly on a chimney on the other side of the yard. These are the moments of grace and beauty that I try to hang on to in these scary times.

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