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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Summer after the fire

There have actually been several summers after the fire -- this lot, next door to my friend's house in Yonkers, has been a ruin for many years now.

It's bleak and empty in winter, but now, in the thick of summer, it looks like the setting for a romance novel or a treasure hunt. (If such things ever happen in Yonkers.)

I spent maybe ten minutes over there yesterday, wanting to capture the afternoon sun on the bricks, but that was long enough for some invisible species of greedy bloodsuckers to attack my ankles. I have several dozen bites, mostly on my lower legs, and today my ankles are twice their normal size, covered in big red lumps. Big red itchy lumps. I've tried a cold shower, calamine lotion and petroleum jelly, but nothing helps.

I tried reading. I try to distract myself. But eventually I have to give in, and once I've scratched whichever bite is itching the most at the moment, I can't stop until I've thoroughly scratched them all.

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