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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Saturday in the park

Today is a beautiful interlude between the heavy rains that finally ended last night and tomorrow's return of the typical July air that feels like being wrapped in wet wool. I made it to the park before the crowds and sat on a bench by the Azalea Pond, drinking coffee, watching the robins and jays, and thinking of as little as possible. After a week in which my job seemed to suck out more of my soul than usual, it was soothing to be surrounded by the thick greens of summer, the buzz of honeybees, and a robin in a tree singing so loudly and so long it was impossible not to catch his happiness.

I don't take a lot of macro pictures so I don't carry the right lenses around with me for capturing insect life, but here's an Eastern comma butterfly stepping delicately along a branch, looking deceptively like an old leaf, then with her colors unfurled.

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