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Saturday, July 7, 2012

It's too damn hot

I am supposed to be in Philadelphia, where it is expected to hit 102 degrees today, but one of my air conditioners conked out on me and I am staying in New York, where it is a relatively mild 98, waiting for the repairman to show up.

An air conditioner repairman is such a priceless commodity in this weather that I'm gobsmacked by my good fortune in reaching the company that installed my AC a few years ago, and learning that they were on their way to my neighborhood anyway and would add me to the list. I can always go to Philadelphia after all, and I'd prefer to be there on a weekend when it is actually possible to venture outside, but to get an air conditioner repairman on the hottest day of the year seems to me such a stroke of outrageous good fortune that I can't help wondering if I'm being rewarded for some generous act that has slipped my naturally modest mind.

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Unknown said...

I feel you! To have your air conditioners conk out on you on one of hottest summer day is totally frustrating. No wonder air conditioner repairmen are hot commodities on this season, as it is expected for people to run their AC up day and night to battle the heat. That’s not really a good thing, so I suggest you give it break by opening your fans and windows and let the air circulate from the outside, provided that it has cooled down somewhat. Sometime after sundown, perhaps?

Kim Laird @ Laird & Son

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