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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Hairy Coo

I found The Hairy Coo by accident. I was looking for a walking tour of Edinburgh, and since I was going to Loch Lomond I wasn't really interested in Highlands tours. But after reading a few of the reviews on TripAdvisor, I signed up.

They bill themselves as "alternative Scottish tours" - a one-day tour of the Highlands out of Edinburgh in an orange minivan, free except for whatever you feel like tipping the guide. Honestly the minute I saw the picture of the Highland cattle on the site (the "hairy coos"), I was sold. Who can resist cows with hair like Donald Trump?

The tour is great fun. Russell told us stories of Mary Queen of Scots, explained why William Wallace was nothing like Mel Gibson would have you believe and Robert the Bruce was the greatest Scotsman who ever lived, and played music from Scottish bands while we drove through the mostly gray but stunningly beautiful countryside.

And when he thought we were ready for some bagpipe music, he played a bagpipe version of Smoke on the Water, which was actually kind of -- good. I now think all great metal songs should be redone in bagpipe versions.

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