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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

At last, the coos!

The cattle weren't in the first few places we looked, but finally Russell pulled up next to a fence, and at the far end of a field were several cows, calves and a bull. He honked the horn and they came -- not running, these are very large animals and they take their sweet time -- but you could definitely sense that they knew something delicious was available and they wanted in.

We fed them sliced bread, and oh, how they loved it! There was eye-rolling, there was head-butting, there was suggestive licking of empty hands. Suddenly everyone on the bus was a six year old, squealing and laughing and grabbing more bread to feed the cows. (Russell said they used to feed them fruits and vegetables, but one day when they hadn't been able to buy any, they resorted to bread and now the cattle refuse to eat anything else.)

The real stars were these little calves. Check out the long white eyelashes.

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