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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Gloomy Sunday

The ten minute walk to the convention center was much less attractive in the pouring rain I woke to this morning, and the shuttle that was supposed to be running from the hotel turned out to be as easy to locate as yesterday's breakfast. Finally I walked, stopping at Walgreen's again to get an umbrella since I managed to forget mine. I picked pink because I thought it looked cheerful on such a gray day.

And when I got to the Moscone Center, soaking wet and barely on time for the 8:30 session, I shook it off and folded it up and put it on the floor next to my purse. FWAP! It exploded open, spraying everyone in the vicinity with refreshing ice-cold rainwater. I muttered apologies, collapsed it again, settled my notebook in my lap and started taking notes. FWAP! I wrestled it closed again, and this time I held it to the floor with my foot just to be on the safe side. Which worked fine, until about half an hour into the presentations when I got a little too comfortable and crossed my legs. FWAP!

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