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Monday, May 17, 2010

Welcome to the working week

Here's a flashback to Egypt, one of the guards at Saqqara. I just love the slouch (well, it was the end of the day), how interested he isn't in the endless stream of tourists walking past him.

I wonder how long he's been doing it, if he's ever impressed or amazed at the 4000 year old monuments around him. Or maybe if you're Egyptian, old monuments have been part of the background all of your life and they're nothing to be impressed by. I grew up in San Francisco where, except for Mission Dolores, there wasn't much that was more than a hundred years old, and I remember on my first trip to London as an adult just being flabbergasted by how old everything was. Hundreds of years! Hundreds! Then I went to Rome. And China. And Egypt. And hundreds of years isn't so very old after all.

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