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Monday, May 31, 2010

I must go down to the seas again

I'm off on another twelve-day cruise, this time through the Baltic, though it's only been a little over six months since the last one. I meant to do this much later in the year, but plans got shifted around, and when I realized that going now meant I'd be in St. Petersburg on my birthday, it was an easy decision.

And I couldn't have known how much I would need a vacation. Now. RIGHT NOW. Not in September. Now.

We're sailing out of Harwich, on the east coast of England, about two and a half hours from London. Tony, the driver of the van that picked me up at Heathrow (http://www.silver-fleet.co.uk/content.aspx?id=1 - highly recommended) had driven a group from Harwich back to the airport early that morning, and told us that on the previous sailing it had rained ten of the twelve days, and that the North Sea especially had been really rough.

Honestly I don't care if there's a hurricane. Just so there's a bed and a bar and a dining room and no BlackBerry service. The North Sea, picture above, is fairly smooth at the moment, but does not look especially friendly. You might think that's a black and white photo, but it's not. We're a long way from the Mediterranean.

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