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Monday, November 9, 2009


The unpronounceable names of Malta are part of its Arab heritage. The "marsa" in Marsaxlokk (which is easy enough to say -- marsa-schlock -- as long as you're not trying to look at it and say it at the same time) is from the Arabic word for port that also gave us Marseilles and Marsala. And that's what I learned on tour today, Mommy.

Our tour guide had such a charming accent, randomly adding an "uh" to the ends of English words, so that "local fish" became "low-kill fish-uh", that I spent less time listening to what she was saying than how she was saying it. I did manage to retain that the fishing boats that Marsaxlokk is famous for are painted blue for the sea, yellow for the sun, and brown for the earth, and the eyes on every prow are those of Osiris.

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