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Saturday, February 11, 2023

Saturday reflections

A store window on Madison Avenue a few weeks ago.

The first thing I taught my English students this morning was the expression “just one of those days.” Mine started like this: I was running a little late so I took an Uber to school. The driver was charming and when he heard that I was an English teacher he told me about his own ESL classes twenty years ago. He dropped me off, I walked towards the main door and realized that I'd left my purse sitting on the back seat. I ran after the car, caught it at a red light, pounded on the window and retrieved my purse.

Then my classroom was locked (I don't have a key.) I went to the lobby, convinced security that I'm actually a teacher even though my ID still says student, and got the door opened. The classroom computer was disconnected and I couldn't log in. I called the help desk, and while I waited for them to send someone, I realized that I'd left the clipboard with the sign-in sheet in the lobby. I ran downstairs to get it, and missed the help desk guy, who reconnected the computer and logged it in with an ID I don't have a password for. So I had to call again.

And then I had to teach my class. Just one of those days.

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