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Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Astronomy Tuesday

This series of silhouettes shows the International Space Station passing in front of the sun.

You can see the ISS from Earth, usually either just before sunrise or just past sunset, when it can reflect the sun's rays long enough to be glimpsed. The other option is to wait until the station passes in front of the sun, which is obviously much harder to see—or photograph. These wonderful pictures were taken in Beijing earlier this month.

I almost postponed my trip to Ithaca today because of a snowstorm yesterday that left 6 to 10 inches over much of upstate New York. But I decided to go, and it turned out that the roads were fine. I had a little rain and a few flurries but nothing dramatic.

What I hadn't planned on were the power outages. Ithaca is fine—I checked that before I left—but a huge chunk of New York State is not. And I couldn't buy gas. I got off at four different exits only to find dark, locked storefronts and no streetlights, while my gas tank got emptier and emptier. I was finally able to buy gas forty miles from Ithaca, when I had about fifteen miles worth of gas left.

I may sleep all day tomorrow.

Image Credit and Copyright: Wang Letian (Eyes at Night)

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