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Thursday, February 18, 2021

Snow again

It would be churlish of me to complain about the weather here when people in Texas are dealing with much colder conditions, often with no power or water. I'm warm and hydrated, so will just mention that the snow coming down outside my windows right now is our fifth snowstorm this month. 

Apparently part of the reason for Texas's problems is that they refuse to share an energy grid with any other state, preferring to go it alone and bypass all that intrusive government regulation.

We are thoroughly regulated here in the great state of New York, but one thing I'd never known before I moved here is that apartment dwellers, except in the most modern buildings, have very little control over the amount of heat in their apartments. Heat comes from boilers in the basements, controlled by the landlord, and your options are 1. Leave the radiator on, in which case you will be too hot most of the time, or 2. Turn the radiator off, in which case you will still get warmth from the pipes, but possibly not enough. Someday I may have an actual thermostat again, where I can nudge the temperature a degree or two in either direction, but my only equivalent tools now are the window (radiator on but window open? radiator off but window closed?) and the sweatshirt.

But I do have heat. And power. And water. Not complaining.

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