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Monday, May 27, 2013

Hanging with my peeps

Bonus bird blogging for Memorial Day.

There was a robin's nest on one of the paths I usually take to the Azalea Pond in the Ramble. I saw mom and dad robin coming and going a few times, but never saw the babies except for a quick glimpse of orange beaks grabbing for dinner. The nest is empty now, the babies gone -- baby robins are only in the nest a couple of weeks -- but I saw these two fledglings in the same general area on Saturday and maybe they're the babies from the nest. They're teenagers now, learning how to feed themselves, and like typical adolescents, prefer hanging out on a sunny log with their friends to digging for grubs.

Below are some sadly very blurry pictures from another nest I saw Saturday. First the beaks peeking out, then the two siblings, who clearly are getting too big to share a room for much longer.

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