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Saturday, March 16, 2013


While I was under the weather, I tried my first animated gif. I've always considered gif's a gimmick, annoying little cutesy flourishes people add to their emails and web sites for no apparent purpose other than irritating innocent bystanders.

But as with everything else in the digital world, there are artists who are making gif's that are funny, thoughtful, stunningly beautiful. The animation is an enhancement, adding a dimension -- time? reality? -- that the still photograph lacks. (See If We Don't, Remember Me for iconic movie images and the amazing Head Like An Orange for nature animations.)

This is a nyala at the Bronx Zoo. I liked the expression on her face, as though someone had just told a very silly joke, and I tried to make her look as though she were laughing. I think she looks more like she's having a seizure, but I figure I can only get better at this.

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