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Friday, June 29, 2012


Here's a small piece I made this week, a gift for my friend Ann, artist and photographer and lover of frogs, who is retiring today. She had given me her hoard of cardboard lunch trays a while back, so it seemed fitting that I make her something out of them, adapting the design from an Art Deco tile I saw online.

It's just paper cut into frog legs and arms and eyes and painted green, and pasted onto an artist board I had painted black after a failed experiment in assemblage, but I like it very much.

I had to leave her party after five minutes and half a glass of champagne due to a software emergency, and it was a long sweaty trudge home in 95-degree heat, so I'm enjoying revisiting the soothing shiny greens of my frog and dreaming of other animals I could imagine into paper cutouts.


Ruth said...

I'm designing my parents' fiftieth anniversary cakes and I was wondering if I might use your frog as an inspiration for my dad (who has an involuntary frog collection).


Kathleen said...

Of course -- i was inspired by a tile I found online so I'm happy to pass the inspiration on. I hope your parents have a wonderful celebration!

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