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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Saturday reflections

I've always been a voyeur, always loved peeking in windows and imagining the lives of the inhabitants. As a child I loved the winter dark, because the long bus rides home from church on Sunday evenings or home from school after some late activity were a chance to peer at lighted windows and catch a little glimpse of the lives behind them. I think I thought of them as a kind of life-size dollhouse at first, and later they scared me a little because I realized that I didn't know any of those people and they didn't know me -- life, and lives, that had absolutely nothing to do with me.

Now I live surrounded by the towers of windows that make up Manhattan, and work in an office building surrounded by other office buildings, windows looking out on more windows.

It's obvious that I'm fascinated by the reflections they create, but I especially love when the reflection is an overlay and you can still see something of the room behind the window -- the hanging plant in the picture above, for example, or the water tower reflected next to the staircase and corporate art in the picture to the left.

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