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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Angel pancakes*

My dear friend and gracious hostess Elisa Kleven read her latest children's book The Friendship Wish at Books Inc in Berkeley this afternoon.

It was great fun to see how enthralled the children were -- Elisa had some major fans in the audience -- especially when she passed around some examples of her original collages. They were so solemn and so respectful as they carefully, carefully, touched the pictures with their tiny fingers.

*My favorite of the earlier possible titles for the book. Who wouldn't want angel pancakes?

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JP said...

Hi Kathleen - I'm putting together our elementary school newspaper and 2 of our student journalists interviewed Elisa Kleven. They didn't get any photos, but I searched online and I really like your photo of her from November 2011 - would it be okay if we used it with the article in the school paper? If so, how would you like to be credited under the photo? Thanks!

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