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Saturday, August 27, 2011

The waiting is the hardest part

We're all just waiting now.

The stores are closed, the trains and buses have long since stopped running, and almost everyone has scurried inside, even though the storm won't be here for a few more hours.

The skies are gray, heavy with unshed rain, and there's not even a whisper of wind yet, so the humidity is oppressive. This morning, when I went out to run a few quick last errands, it looked like any other summer morning (below).

Except for the line outside the hardware store.

I thought I might stop by Amy's and grab a loaf of bread. Or, on second thought, maybe not.

Fortunately I got groceries last night as the checkout lines in the Food Emporium were even worse today, and they closed at noon. I heard one poor woman asking the clerk at the corner deli if they sold candles or flashlights.

Here's hoping she won't need them and it will just be a really bad storm.

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