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Monday, May 30, 2011

Welcome to the working week

Not really, at least in the U.S. Or, I should say, not yet.

So here's another fakeout, a street performer in Lisbon. If it's not obvious from the photo, he's floating a foot or so above the street.

The question is, how?

It's obviously the cane, which is mounted in the platform on the ground, and he's hanging from some kind of harness that connects to it. But is his left arm fake, part of the contraption, and that's why he's wearing the gloves? He doesn't look fat enough to be concealing an arm under the coat, and his face suggests that he's not a skinny man padded to look fatter than he is.

And how does he get into and out of the harness there on the street without giving away his secrets? Does he have an assistant who swoops in with a big cape to cover him up while he wriggles free? I couldn't waste my last day in Lisbon waiting for him to end the show, though I was sorely tempted to. And I've been wondering exactly how he did it ever since.


Anonymous said...

This is brilliant. I love all your guesses and who knows!...Ellen

hãToino de Lírio said...

You are near the solution, but not yet!
Best regards

the staticman

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