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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

News of the world

The Gibraltar Chronicle ("Gibraltar’s newspaper for over two centuries for all the latest Local and National News") has a jaunty, very English tone, with lots of bad punning headlines, but the content consists almost entirely of bitching about Spain and the local officials across the border. They are, however, very pleased with the opening of a new prison, HMP Windmill Hill (which sounds more like a new-age resort than a prison), replacing the "medieval" Moorish Castle Prison (which sounds, well, medieval.)
A gift too that the Moorish Castle is finally free to become the public building it should long have been. There are great opportunities to exploit its lime pit, gallows and other grim assets in a way that both preserves history and improves the educational/tourism product.
Somehow I don't see "Come and see our lime pit!" as a successful slogan for the Gibraltar tourism industry. Even if you throw in the gallows.

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