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Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Parade

I'd never been to the Easter Parade before. I'd seen some of the participants, in passing, while I was rushing off somewhere else, but really going to the Easter Parade means dressing up and sashaying down Fifth Avenue, and most importantly, wearing a really significant hat. So last Tuesday when my friend Michael suggested that we should go this year, it left a mere five days for hat-making. That is a lot more time than they ever get on Project Runway when they have to make a red carpet gown out of old newspapers and actual red carpets, but I could have used another week or two. (I did have to go to work and my job does not include millinery breaks.) On Sunday morning, an hour before we were supposed to leave, I was still gluing Easter eggs and fixing petals.

But the hats were good enough to attract many smiles and more compliments, and literally hundreds of photographers. It was a little bit like being, well, on the red carpet.

Here is my hat in repose, after a strenuous afternoon spent posing for photographs.

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